“I’ve had two compliments this morning already and it’s only 9.30am!”

Holy smokes, Lenaire knows what’s up! Three hours of shopping to build a new capsule wardrobe and I’m definitely rebooking for next season. My body has changed so much over ten years of kids and surgery, and what I thought would be an impossible challenge seemed a walk in the park for Lenaire. Thanks, doll! I’ve had two compliments this morning already and it’s only 9.30am!

“Great investment that will save me making any more mistakes.”

I’ve always wanted to get a professional in to ‘do over’ my wardrobe. I heard of Lenaire through a couple of friends, one whom has seen her personally as well. So I had Lenaire come around at the beg of January, great way to start a new year by decluttering your wardrobe. Lenaire Lander – Personal Stylist is so onto it, straight away she knew what body shape I was, turns out I’d been buying for the wrong shape for years, so out went my security blanket wardrobe. Lenaire is so approachable, honest, but tactful, funny and down to earth. She went through my entire wardrobe, accessories, handbags and shoes to advise what suits, what doesn’t and why. We went shopping the other week, to replace what was culled with more modern, updated, funky and classic styles that won’t date and that suit my body shape. I’m so happy with my new wardrobe and Lenaire Lander – Personal Stylist’s advice that I totally recommend you to give her a call and get her around. Great investment that will save me making any more mistakes.

“a session with Lenaire has me loving my wardrobe and feeling more confident”

Can not recommend this experience more highly. After a pretty stressful year, caring for and losing our mum, and somewhere along the way my sense of worth and motivation, a session with Lenaire has me loving my wardrobe and feeling more confident by the day. Love your work Lenaire!

“Lenaires services was an investment”

I have used Lenaire’s services twice the year and each time has been a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Lenaire. The first time was a wardrobe consult in the middle of the year. Lenaire listened to what I wanted and identified what pieces I needed to add to my existing wardrobe. Then we went shopping, which was fun. Lenaire had researched places and had even arranged for some of the clothes to be put aside which meant the two hours we spent together was well used. I loved that I could just try things on that Lenaire had selected rather than get overwhelmed by having to pick pieces myself. Lenaires services was an investment, and the tips and tricks she shared were gold.

Which is why I used her services again in August to help me pack for a three week holiday in Canada. I am a chronic over-packer and knew that I would pack way too much and not wear half of what I packed. As Lenaire had already done a wardrobe consult with me, she had already had an idea of what was in my wardrobe. When she arrived, Lenaire had researched what items I would need to add to my wardrobe. She had me covered for the warmer and colder weather. During our session, she created outfits for me and took photos for me so I could remember what went together. She had a list of recommended items to add to my wardrobe/holiday packing, and I purchased these things myself.

The highlights from Lenaire’s consultation was that I was able to pack light (compared to what I used to pack) and I wore every item.

“Lenaire showed me different, yet practical look”

Being a Massage Therapist, typically I wear a t-shirt & tracksuit pants and this was creeping into the way I dressed outside of work. Ugh, so over this look, but was stuck on what I could do instead. Lenaire showed me different, yet practical looks for my work wear and other clothing that suited my body shape, so I didn’t fall into the same trap of wearing the same thing time and time again. Thanks Lenaire.

 “Lenaire is so friendly and easy to talk to”

If you are like me you may have always thought Personal Stylists were for the rich and famous…..That is so NOT the case. Lenaire is so friendly and easy to talk to AND has affordable options to help sort through your wardrobe and help with styles that really suit you. 

“It was the most fun and informative shopping”

I had the absolute JOY of being styled by Lenaire in a personal shopping experience last week. It was the most fun and informative shopping, Lenaire is a safe pair of hands if you want to look & feel amazing and SHINE with confidence that comes with looking good. I purchased 9 items of clothing plus a bag and sunglasses all well under the budget set in under 2.5 hours – thanks to the pre-shop Lenaire does. 100% recommend Lenaire as the best personal stylist in the region.


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